Mumbai gets into fitness resolution mode in January

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Ismat Tahseen TNN | Bombay Times | Saturday, Jan 06, 2018

Mumbai gets into fitness resolution mode in January

For some, it's a promise to travel more, for others it's probably a plan to get their finances in place, but the one resolution that stands out and is practically on everyone's list, is to get fit. Everyone gets into a reverse mode in January after the late nights, partying and festive indulgences in December. It's not surprising then to see a rise in gym memberships and fitness queries in the city. Here's what exercise season is about this time...

New mantra: Waist not, want not

Talking about the rise in gym memberships and fitness queries with the onset of the new year, Rakesh Shetty, a gym manager in Andheri, says, "I have received at least 16 calls yesterday from the usual three to four a day. In fact, we saw a record number of new joinees in a single month in last January, too."
While weight gain is the most common bane, it's also different strokes for different folks. Says fitness trainer Ankit Maheshwari, "Usually holiday weight gain is around the waist, so the goal for most people is to get their waistlines back. And it's not just a resolution, they want a proper exercise chart to target the various muscles groups."
Gym sales counsellor Darshana Mohindar Dhanu adds, "We have had lots of queries since the new year began, in fact, by more than 60%. People call to ask about offers and about regimens for inch loss and toning up. For corporate folk, who have sedentary jobs, building the core and increasing flexibility tops their priority lists."

Run, Mumbai run

Savio D'Souza, who runs with a group at Nariman Point and Priyadarshini Park, says that more people want to make a fitness start in January. "Though we train throughout the year, it is in January when there is a focus on self-wellness. I have all ages training with me, even someone who is 75 is training for the 21-km marathon that's coming up in the city."
For Byram Dhalla, owner of a trucking company, it's all about returning to his favourite fitness activity. "I've been running in the city for 15 years now. It took a backseat with work and other commitments, but I want to bring running back into focus soon as the year has begun on a new note. The activity gives me great health and I've decided to keep up the practice," says the adventure enthusiast, who also drove from London to Mumbai in early October.
Tardeo-based advertising planner Arthi Basak has made a list of running goals at the start of the year. "My aim is to run at least 200 days a year. In my line of work, I can't do a gym workout as I'm usually travelling or having late nights. In Mumbai, you can only run early morning or post sundown, so this it fits right into my schedule. I also want to better my running
timing. Currently I do 2:20 minutes for a half marathon; my dream is to clock flat two hours. Of course, it doesn't come just like that, so my resolution is to run more regularly and dedicate myself to the sport as much as I can."

Demand for other fitness forms

Kemps Corner-based zumba fitness instructor, Kanchi Shah says, "The second week is when people shake off the post-holiday fatigue by toning up. The diet is back to being restricted and women want an exercise regimen to support this. So, we have had a few queries about taking up zumba. Most calls are from homemakers who want to find the time exercise in the middle of the day when they are free."
Fusion workouts are also pushing people to get trim again. Karishma Patel teaches 'piloxing', which is a mix of pilates and boxing. "There is a definitive demand to do something different and piloxing is high on the list," she says, adding, "It's a high energy blend of pilate moves and dance. This is a barefoot workout and as the nerves of the body are connected to the feet, this works to stimulate them and builds balance. A lot of corporates have come forward to try this as their jobs have them sitting for hours."
It gets exotic, too. Big on the list is Muay Thai, a combat sport based on the martial arts of Thailand; it helps shed up to 500 calories an hour. Says trainer Amit Lalwani, "A lot of people make a resolution to do something more intense like Muay Thai. People tell me that have seen this in Bangkok and Pattaya and are keen to try make this their new workout, too."

Remember, start small

Yes, you may have made exercise a top resolution in your mind, but as they say, take step at a time. Instead of costly gym memberships and fancy gear, start with putting on your running shoes. Also keep the fitness goals practical and realistic. You can't lose weight magically. So, begin with small 10 minute walks every day; switch to taking the stairs instead of the elevator and try simple stretches at the park, before embarking on an intense workout.

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