Editorial: This City Needs Us All To Be Green Warriors

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Mid Day | Mid Day Correspondent | Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017

Mid-Day Editorial: This City Needs Us All To Be Green Warriors

Yesterday, Nepean Sea Road Residents Drafted Out A Plan In Order To Stop What They See As The First Steps To Take Over Priyadarshini Park (PDP)


Yesterday, Nepean Sea Road residents drafted out a plan in order to stop what they see as the first steps to take over Priyadarshini Park (PDP).

A fire engine has been stationed inside the park since mid-year, as fire officials claim that they need a fire station in the vicinity.

Efforts by citizens to dislodge the fire engine have come to naught. The fire engine is just the beginning of what they see as a takeover of at least one main lawn of the park, which is slotted to house a full firefighting facility and residential quarters for the firefighting staff.

A people's power movement is now being planned to stop the encroachment and steady takeover of the green lung. It is sad and disgusting to see citizens having to fight for open spaces. This is a pattern across the city, where we see gardens being threatened for various reasons, with citizens then forced to rise to save them.

Why should citizens be forced to act as saviours? Don't the authorities realise the value of leaving gardens alone? Do they not realise the value this adds in a space-starved city? Do they not care at all? The answer, obviously, is no.

It is with great sadness that one has to accept that only eternal vigilance will ensure that your open space is not be taken away. The people must use all the power at their disposal — whether this means using their influence on social media or otherwise — to save these precious pockets of green.

Activism can be draining and time-consuming, but in this case, it is absolutely necessary. Until we see the day when our open spaces no longer need to be 'saved', every one of us will have to step up and take on our duty as green warriors.

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