Football @ PDP

Football @ PDP

4 - 12 years

Mon, Wed, Fri: 05.15pm to 06.45pm

Tues, Thurs: 05.15pm to 06.45pm

Sat, Sun: 08.00am to 09.30am

12 - 18 years

Tues, Thurs: 05.15pm to 06.45pm

Sat, Sun: 07.00am to 09.00am

Coaches: Patric & Gaurang Sir.

Criteria: Open for all


For some it's a hobby, for some it's a game but for those who love the game it's their life. Football is a sport played in almost every part of the world, making it the most played sport. It not only gives you joy, but also helps in your fitness. Every aspect of your fitness, is taken care of just by playing it. Football is not only a sport, but an emotion.

Batches are conducted for boys and girls from 5 years to 13 years on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5.30 to 7 pm and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for 14 years and above.

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